Monday, March 26, 2018

Wedding Day: Part 2

Well it has again been too long since I've posted. This is procrastination at its best, folks! 
I have so many pictures I want to show but I will try to keep the post from getting too long.

I am so thankful for these women. 

Look at all the beautiful highlights in everyone's hair!
I really wanted to make my own flower bouquet, but time got away from me and I had to be doing other things. But! My friends, W and C, and all their helpers, did an AMAZING job with all the flowers! Better than I could ever have done and they worked so well with the dresses and everything. 

We are so thankful for all of our friends and family who worked so hard on all the big and little details that created an amazing wedding day.
Hannah, sister and maid of honor.

Christiana, dear friend for life.

Cammie, a friend always.

Elisabeth, sweet sister and friend.

Anna, friend and personal assistant. 

Little Lady Lydia Lou

G and E. The only of my married siblings who live close to us.

Bethany, sister and violinist!
Dear Whitney..... There is no way we could thank you enough for all you did for our wedding, both the day of and weeks and hours of preparation beforehand and trying to keep me on track. Your talents are God-given and beautifully used.
Our photographers. Your knowledge of photography is astounding and the picture you gave us will be treasured forever. Thank you for serving us in this way!

Austin, friend.

Chad, best man and brother.

Jesus, I mean, Seth, friend

Kenny, friend.

Such a fun group of friends to celebrate the day with!

My wonderful parents who were so supportive through everything.

My family. Only missing J, C, and JC!

His family. Missing A and J and their children. 

His parents, also very supportive.

And the ceremony begins!

My dad spoke on the importance and symbolism of the giving of the bride. He took this seriously and it was humbling and honoring to see how much this meant to him and how, though this was hard and I know it felt in ways as if he were giving a part of himself and mom away, he was fully supportive of it. Dad, I love you and am thankful you care so much.
Pastor John. What an honor to have you perform our ceremony. You dedicated me as a baby, and guided us into a covenant of marriage. Thank you for being a wonderful pastor and friend.

You may kiss your bride, J!
Yay! : )
Ahhh, yes. We were happy. Still are.

I love looking at the pictures of the reception hall. We didn't do much. It was very simple. But I love how clean and white everything looks.
Mom made our cake and it turned out soooo good. It's still in NC waiting for us to retrieve it. I hope it's still good!

The six of us have gone through dating, engagement, and weddings together. I'm so thankful for these dear friends!

First dance!

He almost killed me here by falling right on top of me.
Durn dress got caught around his shoes. ; )

I think he was having fun. ;)

Maid of honor speech!

Best man speech!

J's siblings sang for us!

The bubbles were so much cooler than I thought they'd be!

Enchanting. : )
That was the end of the wedding but definitely not the end of our adventure together. Maybe one of these days I'll post pictures of our honeymoon!