Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Wedding Day: Part 1

WARNING: LOADS OF PICTURES AHEAD. Like seriously. It was so hard to pick a few...

Marriage is awesome. Marriage is a life-changer. And for me, marriage is a life-time commitment. That's huge.
But, I feel like it hasn't changed much for me. Other than the fact that I'm much more settled now and not so crazy busy with planning. It feels right. It feels safe. Marriage feels like home, familiar, normal. I love it!
I think a lot of my friends and family would like to see a glimpse of the beauty of my wedding day, though, so in the next few posts, I hope to give you a small glimpse of August 5, the big day. 

J and I started dating February 2, 2016 and got engaged February 4, 2017. With our wedding being only six months away and me needing to focus on school, my summer ended up being very busy. 

These are a few of our engagement pictures.

We got married in a small church close to my home town. Though I feared the weather would end up terrible, it was a gorgeous day. Getting ready with my friends, sisters and bridesmaids was so much fun. It helped me not to get too emotional.

I wore the hoopskirt my mom wore for her wedding. It was fun to tie in the past generation to this newly starting family.

I wore lots of pearls. They are so timeless and beautiful. And the pearl is one of my birthstones. The slippers I wore also because my mom wore slippers for her wedding. It feels special to do something the same way your mother did it many years before you...

 Though J and I had seen each other the morning of the wedding, we stayed apart until the first look once we got to the church. This is when things seemed to really be getting real. I was marrying the man I love. And I couldn't wait.

Inspecting my dress... I had accidentally let it leak that my dress was champagne. But he still couldn't figure out if champagne was a fit (like, mermaid, sweetheart...champagne...? Makes sense, right?) or a color. This is him finding out.. 

It twirls! When I first started looking for a dress, I thought I wanted something with a lot less volume in the skirt, and DEFINITELY white. But when I tried on this dress I just couldn't take it off. It was like dress-up and I felt like a princess. I want to feel like a princess for J. He was my prince, so it only seemed fitting.

There was so much laughter on that day. That's one of my favorite and most vivid memories, because it lasted all day. I hope and pray it lasts a lifetime..

I will save the next part of the day for another post...

All of the photos in this post were taken by the immensely talented Elizabeth Michelle Photo

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Things You've Missed

An anonymous viewer asked when you all would hear from me again. Sorry it's been so long. It is so hard to believe that I am done with my third semester of college!

This semester has been so busy. Sometimes I feel like I never stop running. Never stop going.

When I started this post, back in August, I didn't feel like I had a lot to offer as far as pictures goes. Now I have a little more, so hey! There's a plus for not writing in so long!

The flowers last spring I think were ten times prettier for the mere fact that it had been a barren wasteland for so long. Now we're right back in winter wonderland!

This is a silhouette of my city taken through desperate measures. I tried oh so hard to capture this while driving but I only failed because of stupid mistakes made over and over. Like when I kept clicking the power button instead of the button that actually takes the picture. Phones are so confusing.... So I sped into the city to pick up J and then made him drive so I could take the picture before the sun fully went down. It was a mad chase, let me tell you, but we were a great team and it made for a fun memory. 

 This Fall break I was finally able to go back to California and see my niece!!
 Isn't she a cutie?!
 Also, we went back to Yosemite!
 I feel like I took a very similar picture last time...
 This semester I haven't been able to spend as much time with friends as I did my first year in MN. So when I do get to hang out, it's all the more fun!

I think he was laughing because he was trying to keep a straight face and couldn't. Typical. 

 The best thing about Greek lab is the people in it. For example, one time dear Frank and Karen brought sushi to share!

J makes for a good back-drop. 
 So, for all those who might care, I have included a picture of the podium that Martin Luther last preached from. This and a ton of other neat things from Luther's time are all at the Minneapolis Institute of Art for a time. It was an amazing privilege for our class to be able to go see the exhibit.
 This little princess is getting married!!
Ok, That's all for now. I hope I can be doing this more regularly. It's hard to keep up....
I'm home now, in the very warm NC. No -18 degree weather for me!