Monday, July 28, 2014


I got a kitten. The cutest little thing ever! On the way home from the place I got him from he sat in my lap and didn't hardly make a sound! 
But when we let him down to explore his new home, he was all over the place!
I am in love.
I think he is too. He already follows me everywhere. And he was born on my birthday!

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Rain Storm

This morning as we prepared for class Mom got a phone call from Dad. “We've got another problem, dear.” See, last night we got 5 inches of rain. Our creek didn't just slightly overflow its banks, it completely overflowed and flooded out road as well. There are two metal pipe-ways that run under the road that are over 20 years old and they were getting a little (little?) rusty, but what could we do about that? I was just under them exploring and everything seemed fine, though the pipe was so thin in places it just crumbled under my feet.

But the rain and flooding had done their work last night: the road was starting to collapse.
 Large chunk after huge boulder fell away and splashed into the water. We got safely across and went to class.

Several hours later we got back and the area was roped off and more had fallen. But we had groceries. So we had to go across!
 Mom had to leave again, though, and when she got down there maybe half an hour later, more than half the road had caved in, apparently just minutes after I drove over.

The first picture above was taken almost at the same spot as the one below. You can no longer see through.

 It is so cool to see all the layers of dirt and rock!

This is the most excitement our road has gotten in one year in a long time! First the snowstorm that made it possible for all the neighbors to go sledding on it (yes, that much snow is not common in North Carolina, you Northern people ;)). Then the ice storm. And now this!
We are thankful no one was hurt!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jordan Lake

Yesterday we went to Jordan Lake. It was a gorgeous day to be out! A little bit chilly to be in the water, but when the sun wasn't under a cloud, it wasn't too bad. I have been to this lake a few times (at least so my mom says) but not in a very long time. So it was like going for the first time! The water was not an even temperature, so every once in a while there was a patch of very cool water, making it feel as if the AC was turned on, blowing on my wet body. Chill bumps!! I thought about swimming to the other side of the lake. And then I thought again. I stayed on this side. ;)
 The ground was soft and squished between my toes. I love that, though its a little gross at first.

The picture below was taken on the level of the water, which makes for a cool view, I think.
 Hannah hates swimming.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pool-Party and Bluegrass

Summer is the time for pool-parties!!!

This is such a random picture...
 After the pool party we went to a bluegrass concert!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hiking.... Again?!

Yes! I went hiking..... again! To.... can you guess?! Hanging Rock! This time we hiked the hanging rock trail! It was gorgeous!
Hannah, Bethany, Katrina, and Michaela.

Michaela and I.
 Do you see anything odd about the picture below?

Part of the group!

All of the group! 
I love hiking! Can you tell? 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hiking on the Fourth

Yesterday we went hiking at Hanging Rock State Park, though we did not go up the hanging rock trail. We went on a less traveled hike and had the trail mostly to ourselves. 

A really special girl came with us. :) She makes me smile.
 Hannah got to come this time!
If you ever go hiking with my family, you would realize there are at least two groups: the risk takers and the ones who don't even go close to the edge of the rocks.  Can you tell which category the girls below fall in?
 Family picture!
 After hiking I went over to Tara's house and we had a party. I was dead tired, though, so sometimes I'd zone out and sometimes I'd start laughing hysterically at who-knows-what. We had dinner and fireworks (I got to light some! Woop!) and Tara did a few jumps on her dirt bike. I was trying to get a good picture of this but it was really too dark. It would have been cool if you could see her whole silhouette against the beautiful sunset, but oh well...
I am thankful for our independence, and hope it stays a while longer.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Trip to Florida

Mom, Hannah, and I just got back from Florida where we volunteered at The Gospel Coalition's Women's Conference. That is a mouthful! On our way down we passed this horrible accident. 
 We stopped off at St. Simon's Island so we could walk on the beach. It was a beautiful yet very hot day.

 I do not have many pictures of the conference. But one evening we had a terrible storm. The wind was fierce and it blew the rain in every direction. But after it all settled down, God sent His rainbow to remind us of His promises. As I was thinking about this, I suddenly had another thought: we should not only remember the "good" promises He made like He will never again send a flood over the whole earth, and He will protect us, and provide for everything we need. Those are good, and we should remember them. But we also need to be reminded that God will keep His promise to punish those who do not put their trust in Jesus Christ. This is a sobering thought. Makes me want to be more bold to share my faith.

I love this lady's hat!
 This auditorium sat 4,000 people and was almost full.
 Saturday was the Getty concert. Kristyn has a gorgeous voice.

Our volunteer shirts are very soft.
 There was an ice cream shop within walking distance from where we were staying. I convinced my traveling buddies to go with me. ;)
 On the way home we stopped at Jekyll Island.
 This is the Horton house.
 There was a random deer hanging out at this house...
Can you see him?
 Mom was the only one who wanted to swim. She grew up at the beach so I think she misses it sometimes. She had so much fun in there!
 It was soooo bright that I had to go under the stairs to get shade.

 The moss covered trees took my breath away!

I am too tired to write more.... Thankful to be home again!