Sunday, August 31, 2014


This post is dedicated to Bethy. She is the one who gave me 'Quilla. He is getting big, is he not? When he is not sleeping he is eating, and if he is doing neither than he is chasing leaves, catching his tail, or trying to devour my toes. 
He hates bath time. With a passion. And when he is wet, he looks hilarious. After I get him out of the water and he is dry enough, he scrambles up my shoulder and grooms himself. I have to unhook his little claws from my shirt to set him down.
 He purs when I go to see him at night, 'cause he hates being alone in the dark. If I bring my notebook and pen out, he is sure to pounce on them, not letting me write. But of course that just gives me something to write about. He loves his chin to be scratched and will stretch his head, close his eyes, and almost fall asleep when I do it long enough. His fur is so soft and thick. Sometimes he is trouble, and sometimes I sigh when I hear what he has gotten himself into next, but I'm glad the little rascal is mine.
And, like most cats, he hates dogs.... I'm gonna have to work on that. This is Bruce, the neighborhood dog. He is on of the friendliest dogs I've ever met!

Monday, August 25, 2014


I spent last week in a very hot state: Texas. Almost every day reached the high 90's. But what is that when one is surrounded by amazing friends?
The food was incredible. Not only the Mexican food, but also the African food which we had one day and I failed to get a good picture of.
The squirrel below was either stuck or very content watching us swim. ;)
Ahh, that was some good ice cream!
Julie, Beth, and me. 
Sometimes I see things and I want to capture it exactly how I saw it. This was one attempt. I was lying on the bed (which I did a lot. I was very lazy on this trip. ;)) with my glasses off (therefore Tara's face was quite blurry) and when I opened my eyes and saw this I thought it was too cool not to capture. Its harder than you think to get a picture of what you see.... This one did not turn out exactly like I wanted. Sigh. Never stop trying.
Below is the building from which J. F. Kennedy was shot at.
Do you know which window?
And below is the X where he was shot.
I realize the huge grin on my face is probably not so appropriate for the subject being filmed....
In the back-ground is the Reunion Tower and the hotel to which it is attached.

There are many beautiful trees in Dallas. Quite a green city, as my brother pointed out.
A random little cabin in the middle of Dallas.
Below is the Old Red Museum of Dallas.

Yes, we went all the way to the top of the tower. The floor spins! Not too fast but fast enough to see all the way around in 45 minutes while staying seated. The view was incredible!
And so were the hamburgers! :)
Don't get dizzy looking down!

I found myself a cowboy! Too bad he didn't fit in my suitcase...
The amazing people I was with all week.
Me, Tara, Julie, and Beth.
Tell her not to jump and she won't listen to you.  :p
I also got visit my brother, Jesse, the day before I left Texas. We went to the Art Museum.
He might be a model. You never know... :)
I think that the most exciting thing we did all week was go to the stockyards. I not only got to ride a horse....
Ok, that's a joke. Sadly I didn't ride any horses....
But I also got to see my first rodeo!!!! A thrilling thing indeed!

The Dallas skyline at night. I wish I had a better camera....
I am thanking God for the beautiful memories that were made on this trip and for all the laughs that will give me wrinkles when I'm old. :)
A merry heart does good, like medicine. Proverbs 17:22

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Update on the Road

So you may be wondering what in the world has happened to our road!! Well wonder no longer! Though there was a little difficulty with the equipment at first, which delayed their starting date, it was all finished within two days.
Elisabeth is in the creek with her fingertips lower than the water level was at its highest.
I, sadly, was not around when they first started digging up the road. But my sisters got pictures and said it was very exciting!

They started after 2pm and were finished with one pipe-way by the end of the day. When I got home there was a make-shift dirt road across the pipe and everything was calm for the night.

The next day they were out there bright and early, and so were we.
I thought it was funny how he kept on operating the tractor
 even when talking on the phone! :)

I brought my kitten down. He didn't like all the noisy tractors!

Several hours later the road was level again!
After a little more dirt and some gravel, we were able to drive our vehicles back up to our house!

Praising God for safety!