Friday, October 16, 2015

Life in MN

This is my class plus a few extras at orientation. We look a little awkward. Its weird because I hardly knew any of these people.... And now I'm so familiar with them.

In August I made the long trip to Minneapolis, MN to begin school at Bethlehem College and Seminary. I've always loved adventure and let me tell you, this is one great adventure. Minnesota is slightly different than North Carolina. And by slightly I mean very very different. The number one difference? Its so cold already! And everyone who lives here is like, "Oh, don't you love this beautiful weather?!" And I'm all like, yeah, but its cold......
Anyhow! It really is beautiful. I'm learning to love the Minneapolis skyline. I'm also leaning that I should treasure those times when I can be far away from it and in the country. School has taken up a lot of my time. It gets super stressful sometimes. But we always make room for adventures.

Issy's Ice Cream

Bailey, Hannah, Rachel, Tarah, and I. I love them so much. God has blessed me with the most amazing roommates ever.

She's my favorite Gwyneth ever. 

I went to my first ever football game. :)

Minnehaha Falls

Hay rides

And barn dancing.
Sometimes we have dinner on the ground. Because, why not? The grass is our table.

We like to show our love by throwing mud at each other.

Lake Superior.