Friday, March 30, 2012


Wow! So much has been happening around here! First, I have been knitting some new patterns lately...

Called the "Simple Cable"

"Lace Stitch With Pointed Border"

"Lace Stitch With Scalloped Border"
And, we have been gardening and working with flowers a lot...

Lydia in the garden.

A bouquet of flowers that I gathered for a tea party my mom went to.
The Garden we've been thinning out is called "Micah's Garden"

We've had a hail storm...

We walked around in the Greensboro Museum. That was a lot of fun! What was really cool is that they had a picture of my Great-Grandfather, who I never knew but my Dad has fond memories of...

That's Pappi!
He was a fire chief in Greensboro.
Sorry, this is not the best picture of a picture of him.
I got out my Dad's train from when he was a little boy.
It's really a cute little train when it works properly.
 This is a paint-by-number that my brother started way back when?
Josiah, you need to finish this!
Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I'll get around to telling about today's babysitting experience some other time;) A family of seven, nine and a half hours, bunches of boys, cute little girls... Come back later, whenever later is;)


  1. The knitting looks well done! We've done a little knitting but more crocheting. It's a wonderful skill. The earth is awakening. It is nice to see everything start to green up again.

  2. Great job on the knitting. Keep up the good work. I also love the other pictures and agree that Josiah needs to finish the painting. He is doing such a great job. It is a beautiful picture.


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