Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Day!

First of all, Elisabeth's Birthday was a blast!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast!

Her strawberry cake was amazing! 
Second, Happy Resurrection Day! We had a wonderful one! How about you? In the morning we went to a “sunrise” service (at 8:00) at The Harvest House. It is a beautiful old house that the owners rent out to people for weddings, parties, or whatever you want it for! It’s really beautiful out there but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with meL Then we went to the normal service. We got home, ate, had an Easter egg hunt (sounds crazy, right, with mostly adults at home? Well, we did it for the 7 year old, though we had a lot of fun alsoJ
The eggs we dyed.
 Then we went down to our creek and waded a little before we took off in Dad’s little old 1982 Toyota for a ride to a near-by lake! That was so fun, riding in the back like we did! We were singing, shouting (Ron Paul!!!), and waving to everyone we saw! Haha! That must have been a sight!
Extreme wind. Can you see my feet?

The lake


And Lydia again...


I hope your Easter was as good as mine!

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