Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So, we had to decorate for a baby shower for a friend and Mom thought of this great idea to do a train theme (you know, "Train up a child in the way he should go..." from the Bible?)! Me and my sisters had the job of drawing a whole train: engine, cars, caboose, and all. I wasn't going to do anything because I don't draw. The last time I drew it looked something like this... 
Yeah, not so great. Anyway, I thought I would just do a little something for fun, not thinking that it would turn out like it did. So away I went...
 and I kept on going...
 And it turned out pretty good! Of course, Mom said I should be an architect, and Dad said "You know, that thing wouldn't move and inch if it where built like it's drawn." Yeah... but at least there were only ladies at the baby shower ;) They wouldn't know!
There it is, breaking out of the paper : )

My sisters drew and colored the cars and caboose.

There it is, chugging across the wall...
We put pictures of each child on the car that bore there name.
You can hardly see them in this picture.
The last one is empty, for Benjamin has not yet been born.
Another lady did the cake. I think it turned out really nice!
Well, that's that. Happy (late) Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there!


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