Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Behind our land is a logged area of several acres that we call "The Desert." Now that a few years have gone by since it's been logged there are wild blueberries and blackberries. So we have been out there a lot in the hot sun picking!
Don't they look good?! 
Of course, in order to pick blackberries you have to sacrifice a little blood sometimes:) Haha! The brambles do not give up their fruit without a fight! Here I backed up into a bush and it grabbed hold of me. "You stealin' my fruit?!" it said.
I'm sorry bush....but I want to eat them....
 The blueberries are a little kinder!
Don't they look so innocent?
 There is a bucket of blackberries. We got a lot that day!
 We thought we got a lot of blueberries here, but on another day when they were riper we filled the bucket above a little more than half way full!
 And we have made a few pies. Since I am not a big wild berry fan (though they are fun to pick) I think the topping is the best! : )
Do y'all like picking berries, or would you rather just buy them pre-picked and plump at the store? If you do pick in the wild, make sure you don't pick and eat poison berries! I've done that before!


  1. Those berries look good and so does the pie :) Sorry you got pricked though! I wrecked my bike in a berry bush once. I thought I had blood all over me, but it turned out to just be berry juice! haha :)

    1. Haha! That's funny about the berry juice! I bet it did hurt though!

    2. that's a funny story! sounds like something I would do!

    3. haha, it's funny now, but sure wasn't funny then!

  2. We have a patch of black berries in our back yard, that the other kids (I do not really like them)pick and eat! The best is to go pick strawberrys (with you guys of course:), not like they are in season.


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