Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chimney Sweep!

Yesterday Dad cleaned out the chimney like he does about ever other year. I always love it because then I can get on the roof and take pictures:)

Lydia loves climbing all the way up,
 but she hasn't gotten on the roof, yet.

The view...

Looking down the ladder...

A little spider on the ladder...

Cleaning out the gutters.

The dancing chimney sweep!

From one corner of the roof.


The chimney sweep.
On the 29th was Mom's Birthday...yeah, I'm a little behind! But happy Birthday Mom!
Carrot cake!
Made by me!
The cake turned out tasting great, but it was really crumbly.
And I thought this picture was cool because it is an azalea in the fall! 
Well got to get ready for church!


  1. The fall colors are nice, we are only now starting to see them where we live. With my brothers we have to climb up on the roof often to get the stuff down that they throw up there.

    1. That is funny about your brothers throwing stuff onto the roof! I think ours is to high for much of that kind of thing happening:) Thanks for commenting. I've enjoyed browsing through your blog!

  2. Thank for visiting, I mean to start blogging again very soon. We actually don't have a fire place, that's one of the only things I miss about our ''city house''.

  3. awesome! i would have been scared to climb up there! haha cool pictures, especially the azalea!
    luv ya,

  4. Thanks for the birthday wish! I love that chimney sweep! Such a handsome fellow! Not too sure I like you all being on the roof though, especially dancing!

  5. Hey, we just did this today( three years later).

  6. Hey! I didn't get my carrot cake this year!


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