Sunday, June 23, 2013


Wow! The Spring has flown by! I turned 18 and had lots of celebrations at different times and with different people, like this sweet friend...
Free ice cream because it was our birthday.
Red Robin is the best! Really great food too!
I got the Chili Chili Burger... Yum!
Then I got my license! Yay!
I went to two camps for a week each and had a blast at both! The first one, Aletheia Springs, is not really a camp. It is a Christian education center with the main theme this year being Loving God. I learned a lot and met some really cool people. They were such a welcoming group!

The picture below is of two of the teachers and all of the "sessionites" that were Sessionites of the Day." Josiah is one of the best pianist I have ever met. And he also plays like 7 other instruments. Crazy awesome!
Josiah, Luke, Doc., Chloe, Abigail
(who was also a "Sessionite of the Week), David, and Mr. Medeiros.
The second one is Cherokee Cove!!! I love that place. My sister and I were camp counselors for the week for the Uphill Youth. So much work, laughter, and recreation filled our stay there.

On Friday we took a 17 mile bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

At one point the guys stopped at this beautiful area on the river to swim. I stayed with them and got to take pictures. None of these are the really good ones, which I took on different cameras.

It was a great place to cool off.
And yesterday I got to ride on a motorcycle for the first time ever!!! It was soooo fun!!
Hannah got a ride, too. This is her.


  1. What an adventure, sweet times of fellowship, enjoying God's beautiful creation and soaking in the Word ! I am glad you had fun!

  2. Replies
    1. Can not wait till I go to Aletheia Springs!


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