Thursday, March 20, 2014

Of Ice and Water-droplets--- Close-ups of Nature

Wow! Did we really need more ice?! Thankfully this time there were no power-outages! The land was beautiful outside and we got to observe it from inside our toasty warm house! 

The poor bamboo trees look very forlorn!

At the end of the day, the ice had melted and all we had left was very soggy ground and lots and lots of water-droplets!

This morning, the sun shone bright and cheery, making the droplets look like jewels.

This little fellow is a very good boy... most of the time. Sometimes he likes to roll around in poop. But that is an easy fix on a warm day! Spray him off, scrub him down, towel him mostly dry, and then let him sunbath on the deck! Now he's fluffy again!
This little darling loves to cuddle and give me kisses all over my face. ^.^


  1. These are so beautiful. Frozen flowers! Amazing photography showing forth the glory of God's creation!

  2. Oh, so lovely. :) I'm so jealous of the flowers you already have! Miss you!

  3. Flowers shouldn't have ice on them! haha! I am glad that the power stayed on this time!

  4. Wow! These pictures are beautiful! Also you are a really good photographer! ;)


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