Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wintertime Snow

People who live farther north laugh at us sometimes for being so excited about snow here in NC or about how we get "snowed in" with not even an inch of snow and ice. That's ok. You can laugh. I'm gonna enjoy myself anyway! :)
And I did enjoy myself! I didn't think there'd be enough snow to sled, and there probably wasn't. But the ice on top of the snow made a perfect sheet to wiz down the road on. It was cold (again, you northerners may laugh when I tell you it never got below zero Fahrenheit that night) and yet the cold only makes it more exciting. It makes it hard to talk distinctly and when you put a smile on your face, it freezes there for the rest of the day! It makes your cheeks get rosy red and if you sled long enough, the rosy will even stay a few days!
 I've always thought birds in the snow looked so picturesque.

 I LOVE my sister's expressions!

Photo by Elisabeth

Photo by Mom.
 Yeah. We have some crazy neighbors. 'Merica!
Photo by Mom.

Photo by Mom
This is Cupcake.
 A day after the slice (snow/ice) we got some real snow. It was gorgeous! At one point it was coming down so fast is was like a blizzard! An NC blizzard, but still!
 It only lasted about 30 minutes, but it left beauty in it's wake.
That is our Giant Swing covered in snow.

 The dark clouds gave way to sunshine, making the woods glimmer.

You'll never know where I live....

I love NC. It is my home.
And I love you Northerners, too. You are my family.

Well... Some of you.


  1. Love the pictures and the story!

  2. Oh, what lively photos...I was" feeling" so much right along with you. You told a good winter tale.


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