Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hahaha! Someone got on your blog because someone left it up for someone to mess with. ;)
Hello, followers of Cilla! This is her mischievous sister causing just a little bit of trouble. ;)
Well, goodbye!
I better get off before I am caught! ;)


  1. My dearest sister Prilla,
    It does seem that someone has been causing a mite bit of mischief on your blog! (said with an innocent grin)
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    1. What?! This is absolutely horrendous! I am terribly astonished! How did this come about?! I will definitely have to stir up a scheme to get you back!
      Haha! I love you, too! ; )

    2. Idea to get Hannah Back, get on her blog and do amothing like that! He,He,He!
      See you saturday!

    3. Maggie! What do you mean, get Hannah back! ;) Hannah is such a sweet and nice sister she would NEVER do something like that, right Cilla?! :)(said with sarcasm and sweet smile)

    4. Prilla,
      It is completely "beyond my imagination" how this thing ever came about, but you most definitely should find that offender and deal with that little rascal soon, before she causes any more damage to your lovely blog! ;)

      Your Dear Sister,

    5. Hannah,
      If I had not known you as well I would not belive you would do taht kind of thing, Ha,Ha! Unfurtently for you you I know you quite well!
      See you soon,

    6. Hannah, why are you calling me Prilla? My blog says I'm Prissy, or Priscilla! Only the URL thingy says I'm Prilla and that is because they wouldn't let me do Prissy.

      And Maggie, thanks for the idea. I think I will have to do that. Maybe after a while when she forgets about doing this to me:)


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