Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A... Wedding?

The other day we got out Mom's wedding dress. While Elisabeth was putting it on, I decided there needed to be a man for wedding so I got out Gabe's old suit that no longer fits him. I found out why suits were made for men! Ha ha! It looked terrible on me!
We were quite the couple! I was a little to short so I needed to be on my tip-toes or in high-heeled boots. My little sister is taller than I am! I also needed to wear my hair in a bun so as not to be seen. Well, it did get seen.... 
 The beautiful ring....
 The dress didn't really fit her but I still thought it looked nice. ;)
 And then I needed to try it on. I think the dress looked better on me than the suit did. Ha ha!
 I thought this picture was really cool!
 Of course Mom needed to put it on also!
 Isn't she beautiful?!
 Dad and Mom....
Whoa! Can you guess who that is?


  1. Wow! I like the pictures! And I agree you do look better in the dress than in the suit!

  2. You are way too pretty for a man Priscilla! But is sure was funny! ;)

  3. That is a beautiful wedding dress!! :) I love all the pictures! And yes u r way too gorgeous to be man!!! Haha :)

  4. How fun! And the dress is quite pretty! All of you look great in it, but I think Mom was the best. By the way, what did you do with the table?? K Wood

    1. Yes, I think Mom looked the best in the dress, also!

  5. The table? We just pushed it over to make way for the weddings!! Three weddings in one night. It was quite a busy time!

  6. hello Priscilla!
    I picked you up off of Miller Memories, and I had fun checking out your blog.:) Your mother's wedding dress is beautiful!


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