Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So, I just emptied  my camera and realized that I needed to make a new post! Here is what has been happening around lately.
I do not know when this was taken nor do I know if it is the sun rising or setting, but I do know it is beautiful!:) 
I love hanging out with friends, and these are some of the best!
We had to set the camera on our car for lack of a better place;)
It worked great!
My sisters love the out doors and so they decided to eat at the creek one day! I came down for the dessert;)
See? ; )
It was good... : )
Our creek...
Lydia and the creek...

Isn't she so cute?!
Lydia "inherited" Gabe's old camera and so we were all outside taking pictures one day. This one is at the trampoline.
The lighting could use some enhancing...
Two of my brothers came home for a surprise visit in the beginning of January. It was so wonderful to see them! One day we went to the mountains to go hiking with them and my other brother. It was such a perfect day to hike!
Josiah, Jesse, Gabriel...
It looks like if they stepped one foot back they'd fall off the mountain!
Dad and Mom...
I like how the juice container says "Home Maker" and that is what Lydia is doing.
Her expressions are THE best!
Then we got snow and ice! That was fun!
The sun shining on the ice is so beautiful!
Well, on Friday I will, Lord willing, be in the Dominican Republic for a missions trip. Now I have to go to bed so I will be rested up! ; ) I will probably have a very long post after I get back! I could use your prayers.


  1. Great pictures! We are missing you and Dad and Hannah!

  2. Great pictures! We missed you guys at small group!


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