Sunday, August 31, 2014


This post is dedicated to Bethy. She is the one who gave me 'Quilla. He is getting big, is he not? When he is not sleeping he is eating, and if he is doing neither than he is chasing leaves, catching his tail, or trying to devour my toes. 
He hates bath time. With a passion. And when he is wet, he looks hilarious. After I get him out of the water and he is dry enough, he scrambles up my shoulder and grooms himself. I have to unhook his little claws from my shirt to set him down.
 He purs when I go to see him at night, 'cause he hates being alone in the dark. If I bring my notebook and pen out, he is sure to pounce on them, not letting me write. But of course that just gives me something to write about. He loves his chin to be scratched and will stretch his head, close his eyes, and almost fall asleep when I do it long enough. His fur is so soft and thick. Sometimes he is trouble, and sometimes I sigh when I hear what he has gotten himself into next, but I'm glad the little rascal is mine.
And, like most cats, he hates dogs.... I'm gonna have to work on that. This is Bruce, the neighborhood dog. He is on of the friendliest dogs I've ever met!

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