Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Autumn Morning Walk

Saturday morning I got up and cleaned my face and drank my water and looked out the side door window as I do almost every morning but this time the outdoors looked so inviting. So I stepped outside expecting it to be chilly like most mornings in this season. But it was't. It was gorgeous! And the sun streaming through the fog onto the soaking wet trees and ground was way too inviting. So I got my camera and my journal and my Bible to have time with God in His creation. I walked through the mist down to the creek to sit in the one dry pipe and read and write. It was so peaceful. So relaxing before a hectic day. I love fall. I love when the leaves are changing colors and when they fall to the ground, littering the road. I love driving behind a car on a country road and seeing the dry, brilliantly painted leaves being whisked into the air, tumbling over each other, and hitting my windshield in gaiety. I love the days when its not too chilly but is cold enough that I have to dress a little warmer in fun fall colors. But then I love winter, too. And spring. And summer. Every time one season ends I'm ready and happy for the next to arrive. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I am glad you had a special time in God's creation with our amazing Creator God!


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