Wednesday, November 5, 2014

California, Day 1

My brother Josiah got engaged to Cindy in July and that was when I first knew we'd be going farther across the country than I'd ever been: California. The time flew and finally the day cam when we had to leave. It was Lydia's first flight!
She had fun. :)
 We flew so high in the sky that beautiful crystals formed on the plane windows.
 Because there was a "small" problem (the brakes and steering not working) on the first plane, we missed our connecting flight and had several hours to spend in MN. Airport floors aren't very comfortable to sleep on, but it is fun to watch the people hurry by as I tried to rest. :)
 Our next plane was the biggest I'd ever been on: two aisles with eight seats across.
Apparently they have earthquakes in Seattle. :p I'm glad there weren't any while we were there or while in CA....
 We traveled about 19 hours total that day. I was exhausted, but happy to finally be there!

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  1. So awesome! I love BIG planes :) but that travel time is exhausting!


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