Monday, November 23, 2015

I love

Fall came to visit Minnesota for a bit before winter started to show her face. Those days when the wind doesn't bite my nose off it is fun to be outside enjoying the weather and sunshine while I can. I've heard the sun doesn't hang around much in the long winter. 
 Life goes on. Sometimes I wish it would slow its pace a bit. So much happens I can't process it all. So much laughter and good times. There is one force which is devising a plan to kill me, but I plan for that not to happen. Finals will be defeated!
In other news, My brother's first wedding anniversary was November 2nd. Brings back fond memories of an exciting week.
Before I left North Carolina, my friends would all tell me that college is so much fun, but all I could think of was the academic side of it. But it truly has been the best time of my life so far. I love the times when we are together and pick up our instruments to worship together.
 I love when we fellowship over a meal after church and talk of random things. Do you see the aray of emotions in this picture? I love it!
 I also love being able to serve in ways that I wasn't able to before, at least not so often. This is my calling in life: to serve you. And to do it in the most cheerful and loving way possible. And you know what? This makes me the most happy.
Also, free food. :)
 I love my Tarah. I love going on adventures with her late at night to prank our friends. I love hearing her talk about things she holds dear. I love her laugh and her motivation to excellence. She makes my heart sing.
Angela: beautiful, graceful, kind, caring, affectionate. I love her. And Andrew. Thanks for including me in some of your sister outings. :)
 Did you know that it really isn't such a big deal that I stood in the same pulpit from which John Piper preached for decades? Well, now you do.
 A bridge in Minneapolis lite up in honor of France.
 Sometimes we take our bodyguards on long walks in the dark. Sometimes we sing hymns on a bridge. Sometimes we talk in British accents and call our bodyguards "pudgy" solely because it sounds funny and not because its true. Sometimes the police think we are doing drugs by the river and so sit in their car watching us for a while. They only found us innocent once they passed us as we sang Edelweiss. One of the policemen gave us the peace sign out his window to show his approval. Or so I gathered. I really have no idea why he did that....
 Sometimes we invite almost the whole school over for a homemade dinner and play games on the floor and talk about feminism. And no, that's actually not quite almost the whole school. We aren't that small! But we are that fun!
 Sometimes I pretend to be artsy. Sometimes I fail. But the chai tea at Kopplin's Coffee is amazing! It needed to be documented.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing all the pictures... Love you and can't wait to see you when you come home for break!

  2. So beautiful Priscilla! I love the pictures and the descriptions and mostly your smiling face! I am glad you are enjoying life at school! Now that you are get'in all citified, I hope you don't forget us little pipsqueaks down south!

  3. But what about me! You didn't even mention the real reason why you came up here to this cold dreary land in the first place. That is so you could be near me, right?!?! :P

  4. Also I must admit, you do have a pretty cool class. Well, at least the ones that I know are pretty cool! ;)

  5. So fun, Priscilla! I hope I get to see you sometime over the holiday! :) Sounds like fun!


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