Thursday, March 24, 2016

Recollections from Michigan

Spring Break is a gift. And for me, an oh-so-needed gift.

Acres upon acres of open fields to walk along. Hush.... All is quite. But listen. There it is! The birds are happy, chirping in the branches. Hear the wind? The old oak in the corner of the field still has last year's dead leaves hanging from sturdy limbs. Hear the wind, rustling through them? It sounds like a gurgling brook, or waves hitting a sandy sea shore. Steady, calming, rhythmic.

I climb over a fence and into the next field. Wheat is growing here. Not tall. It's just coming up and looks like green summer grass in lines with little rows of dirt between. So bright. And fresh. Then, another oak, twisty, black, strong. I want to climb it but feel my cold hands inside my warm coat and decide, another time will do. Another time. Now I will walk on, but another time I'll climb. I reach a dirt road and wonder where it goes. The large white barn I always keep in sight and now I walk back towards it. My cheeks are rosy and my ears cold. But oh its been good to be out in nature again.

Because, nature is where I reboost. So that is why I was so thankful to have been able to go home with my dear Tarah. Michigan is truly a gorgeous state.

Tarah and Jordan

I don't really have much more to say. Other than the fact that I think when school starts, I'll be much more ready to tackle it than I was before. 


  1. Beautiful pictures and story telling as always! I am so glad you got to go. It looks like a beautiful place to get refreshed in soul and spirit!

  2. Wow! Michigan DOES look beautiful. I love those cold cheek days.

  3. I always like reading your updates! I hope all is awesome, Priscilla!! Miss you!

  4. I LOVE that picture of the lake! It's beautiful.

  5. When shall we hear from you again?
    You have not posted in a while.


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