Monday, March 4, 2013

Dominican Trip (Day 4)

     Monday, our first medical day. We had to get up very early and eat so we could head out with our 12 translators to the village and convert a church into a clinic. Nobody knew what this first day would be like, even those of the team who had been last year and done a medical day. So we set up eight stations. There were a few nurses stations, a Pharmacy, a dental area, and an evangelism station. I worked in the dental area with Amanda. I even got to give several fluoride treatments later in the week when Amanda was busy or we had a lot of kids and we wanted to hurry up. This is how medical days usually went: We arrive and set up the church after which two of the team go out with a translator and give their testimonies to the waiting crowd. Now that they have heard the gospel, we can start accepting patients. In triage, the patients are weighed, blood pressure was taken, and any information needed was acquired. There they waited until a nurses station was ready to receive them and they were diagnosed and given the best treatment possible with our limited resources. Before they left, the nurses would often pray with the patients and give them tracts, 2,100 of which where given out in the week. From there they went to the pharmacy to have their prescriptions filled, then over to the evangelism station to hear the gospel again. During this time, 21 souls were saved in the 3 1/2 medical days. If any of the patients had children ages 5-12 they would come to Amanda and I to get fluoride treatments. I was amazed at how bad their teeth where! Some didn't have a single tooth that wasn't rotten! There where only a few who didn't have a cavity. As soon as their prescriptions were ready, they would get them and learn what to do with them, and then leave. By the way, we had the most amazing Pharmacist! She was so busy and yet was so patient with everyone!
Brooke, Audrey, and Jennifer.
This is the church right after we arrived. 
The nurses gathered around Dr. Bob as he tells them what to do for the day.
The stations before any patients had come.

Fast asleep. So cute!


The waiting area.

A very dehydrated patient

Amanda with all the kids looking on.

Kristy and a baby.

This little boy had TWO lolly pops he was sucking on! So funny!
Dr. Bob had to remove this lady's infected toenail. She was in so much pain as he gave her the numbing shots. It was really sad to watch!
There was a group of teenagers, this guy in particular, who were talking to some of us in broken English as we tried to talk to them in very broken Spanish. Ha ha! We had many good laughs with them! They love having their pictures taken!
Even though it's blurry, I love this picture!

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