Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dominican Trip (Day 3)

Sunday morning a group of us went to the beach right down the street to watch the sunrise. Even in the Dominican it gets chilly in the mornings. It was beautiful though!

Soooo beautiful!
After breakfast we walked to church. I would love it if I lived so close to church here in the States that I could walk to it! Anyway, church was really great! Most everything was in Spanish, but it was really cool when I knew a song in English and was able to sing along! After church and lunch, we went over to see the newly built Lily House. The Lily House is a safe home for ex-prostitutes and their children where they are nurtured both physically and spiritually. They had just finished building a new home for them that has more space and will suit their needs a little better. They are also in the process of  teaching the ladies how to bake and all so they can open a bakery that will be conveniently located right across the street! I thought that was really neat! I never did get pictures of either of the houses, though, which is sad:(
That evening we all gathered around these tables and sorted pills for the next day, our first medical day.


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