Friday, September 21, 2012

A Bike Ride

So, I went on a bike ride today. I love doing that. I love the wind, the smells, the random people, the clouds,  the steeples, the cows. Speaking of cows, as I rode, I passed a group of them grazing calmly in their field. I looked at them. They looked back. And then they started following me, every last one of them! So as I chuckled to my self I turned around to take a better look. They must have been embarrassed because they where suddenly not interested in me and went back to their munching. And so I rode on. Then I quickly turned back and snapped a picture of them. Ha! I'd caught them!
There they are looking at me: )
 Other pictures of my trip....

So, what do you think? I should have gotten these? 
Haha, they were so hard to walk in...
And, no, I did not see those on my bike ride: )


  1. Nice cows to watch out for you. Those shoes wouldn't be the best choice to wear on a bike ride. You probably wore them as long as you could stand (literally) just for the picture.

  2. nice pictures, and those are very high heels!


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