Sunday, September 9, 2012

It started yesterday

I don’t remember exactly when I wrote this but it was most likely in 2008 or 2009. Yeah, a long time ago....

It started yesterday
When I tripped and fell.
It started with some play
But ended with a yell.

It ended with a crack
My leg is what I mean,
It started in the shack
When I fell through the screen

The group had got quite wild,
Was sprawled across the floor
With tempers not so mild
And many a crashing door.

Cousin Corry leapt from the attic
Right on top my leg
His apology was dramatic
But he didn’t care a peg.

Then we called the doc
And he could set it right.
But I’d need to stay, around the clock,
In bed all day and night.

That is the end
Of my little skit
There is no bend

Or twist in it.

This is purely fiction.
And no, I do not have a cousin Corry.


  1. That is a really cool poem and picture!
    Your Friend,

    1. Oh, and I like the background :)!

    2. Thank you, Maggie! And Yes! The back ground keeps changing! Haha! I can't decide.... :)

  2. I like the poem. And thanks for the disclaimer--I would have believed it all actually happened. ;)


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