Monday, September 3, 2012

The Month of August

So it has been a while! And in the time that I've been, gone Gabriel has made a visit back home! And left again. : ( We had a good time with him!
All the girls, Mom, and Gabe.
Hannah had a birthday party a few weeks ago at the park and we all brought a picnic dinner. Sadly I didn't take any pictures but we had a spectacular time! This is what Gabe ordered for dinner and I made for him. : )
I think he liked it pretty well.
 One morning I was drinking a glass of water and looked out the window to this little fawn.
Can you see him?
 There were two babies and a mother and father (with antlers) that were walking all about our yard. So cute!
There's a baby...
 And then Hannah cut my hair... all off...
See how long it was?
That's about seven inches off....
But it needed to be cut.
Thank you, Hannah!
Random pictures...

Elisabeth in Dad's boots; )
 And...I started crocheting! This is my first project. : )
 I've also recovered a chair...
 And finished a cable scarf...
 How has the month of August been for you?


  1. Nice pictures! Your crochet project and the cable scarf looks good too! I especially like the picture of all yo guys!
    See you soon,
    P.S I like your new background!

  2. Doodles! That is an awesome background!
    We are one cool family, aren't we?! Hehe! ;)

    1. Ha,Ha you guys are pretty cool!

    2. Hehe! Thanks Maggie! You guys are pretty cool, too! ;)

  3. I love all the pictures! It definitely was a great month of August. I enjoyed having Gabriel home for a few weeks and Jesse for a couple of days. Miss Josiah though.:( Your hair looks great! Hannah did a wonderful job.


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