Friday, February 22, 2013

Dominican Missions Trip (Day 1)

     Friday, February 8th, 2013 I boarded a plane for the first time and headed out of the United States on my first missions trip to the Dominican Republic. The D.R. is so poor it is hard to imagine what it's close, and still poorer, neighbor, Haiti, is like. As we passed over, I could see all the tin roofed huts, dirt streets, and trash that I would get a closer look at in the days to follow. But what I couldn't see yet were the people. They are the ones who really touch you! Both physically and at the heart. When the children run up to you as you leave the bus, it warms you, and this warmth is not from the hot sun. And then the adults. They are so thankful for the little we did for them. We had four medical days that week, and each day there was not a soul who complained to the team! They put America to shame! They put me to shame! Yet they need the gospel just like every one else, and that is what we went to give them. 2,100 tracts where handed out and 21 came to Christ. Thank you Lord!
     Since I am not a very gifted writer, there will be mostly pictures, but I hope you all get a feeling of what it was like, though you'd have to have been there to really know. I think what I will do is write a post of each day. Hannah seemed to think it would be a little overwhelming to do everything at once;) I might agree with her.
     So, the first day. I have found out that I love flying! It is truly amazing to be so high off the ground and to see everything at such a different angle!
 A boat...
 Seeing the bottoms of clouds is an everyday experience. But then to see what they look like on top... so cool!
 This is winter in the Dominican!
 All the shacks with an occasional pool;)
 This was the first of many bus rides. It's hard to believe we all fit!
 The beach, which is about half a mile from the Score compound, where we stayed. It was pretty, yet very dirty!
Thus ends the first day.


  1. I can't wait to hear more, Priscilla!
    Michelle Bainbridge :-)

  2. Cool! I can not wait to hear more!
    See you latter,


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