Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dominican Trip (Day 2)

Nicole and I.
     After breakfast on Saturday, we all piled onto two buses and went to a village where they had a warehouse full of stuff, including food, some of which we packed into bags and loaded onto the buses. This is the same village where there was a nursing home started by a Christian that I will tell about later. As we were packing the bags there were a few little kids that came around. They were so cute and loved just hugging us and getting their picture taken and then looking at the pictures. It was hard to leave them when we had to pile back into the bus and go to another village. At this village we had a little service in the church there and afterwards handed out the food to certain of the neediest families. The Pastor at this church was only 23. I had three or four children sitting on or around me during the service. It was so fun! This is how we distributed the food: The team lined up with bags of food and the Pastor called out names one at a time. When that person came up, one team member handed them a bag of food and then went outside and prayed for them. It was a very neat experience since I'm not used to praying aloud for someone and definitely not someone who only knows Spanish! After I finished praying I was just standing around when this pretty Dominican girl came up and started talking to me in very broken English. She was so sweet and I loved getting to know her. She was 19 and her favorite color was yellow;) She had two friends with her, 20 and 14, who where very sweet as well, but didn't know any English. I wish I could remember their names but some Dominican names are really hard to remember! Haha! I got a picture with them though! After this we went back to the compound and ate a delicious lunch. All the meals there, by the way, are so good! After lunch we went to the Nursing Home that I mentioned earlier. Last year when the team went, they cleaned this home and prayed for new beds. The beds were in horrible conditions and the Pastor had no way to get new ones. Well, in the past year our church helped another church get new beds for the nursing home, so we just had to go over there and see them and the Pastor and all the people. It was really neat, too! The Pastor was so thankful! Here I met a little girl, Nicole. All the children want to talk to you and it is a little sad that we can't understand each other.
     Now for the pics!
Loading a car full of food bags.
 Audrey and her sweet new friend...
 The kids at the warehouse...
 Below is the group that I was talking to at the church...
Me, the 19-year-old, 21-year-old, 14-year-old, and Hannah.
 This is at the nursing home. Brooke and Hannah and their friends;)
Brooke (the one on the left) is holding Nicole.

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