Monday, July 21, 2014

A Rain Storm

This morning as we prepared for class Mom got a phone call from Dad. “We've got another problem, dear.” See, last night we got 5 inches of rain. Our creek didn't just slightly overflow its banks, it completely overflowed and flooded out road as well. There are two metal pipe-ways that run under the road that are over 20 years old and they were getting a little (little?) rusty, but what could we do about that? I was just under them exploring and everything seemed fine, though the pipe was so thin in places it just crumbled under my feet.

But the rain and flooding had done their work last night: the road was starting to collapse.
 Large chunk after huge boulder fell away and splashed into the water. We got safely across and went to class.

Several hours later we got back and the area was roped off and more had fallen. But we had groceries. So we had to go across!
 Mom had to leave again, though, and when she got down there maybe half an hour later, more than half the road had caved in, apparently just minutes after I drove over.

The first picture above was taken almost at the same spot as the one below. You can no longer see through.

 It is so cool to see all the layers of dirt and rock!

This is the most excitement our road has gotten in one year in a long time! First the snowstorm that made it possible for all the neighbors to go sledding on it (yes, that much snow is not common in North Carolina, you Northern people ;)). Then the ice storm. And now this!
We are thankful no one was hurt!


  1. It was amazing how fast the road washed away. God is faithful. I am so glad no one got hurt and we were all able to get our cars across so we won't be stranded!

  2. Wow! That's insane! I am so glad that y'all are safe and not stranded. Great pictures!

  3. Great photo journalism! Hopefully, we'll still be able to walk across...something...while they are fixing it. :)

  4. Here's a thought:
    :-) (Curtis, actually.)


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