Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jordan Lake

Yesterday we went to Jordan Lake. It was a gorgeous day to be out! A little bit chilly to be in the water, but when the sun wasn't under a cloud, it wasn't too bad. I have been to this lake a few times (at least so my mom says) but not in a very long time. So it was like going for the first time! The water was not an even temperature, so every once in a while there was a patch of very cool water, making it feel as if the AC was turned on, blowing on my wet body. Chill bumps!! I thought about swimming to the other side of the lake. And then I thought again. I stayed on this side. ;)
 The ground was soft and squished between my toes. I love that, though its a little gross at first.

The picture below was taken on the level of the water, which makes for a cool view, I think.
 Hannah hates swimming.

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