Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hiking on the Fourth

Yesterday we went hiking at Hanging Rock State Park, though we did not go up the hanging rock trail. We went on a less traveled hike and had the trail mostly to ourselves. 

A really special girl came with us. :) She makes me smile.
 Hannah got to come this time!
If you ever go hiking with my family, you would realize there are at least two groups: the risk takers and the ones who don't even go close to the edge of the rocks.  Can you tell which category the girls below fall in?
 Family picture!
 After hiking I went over to Tara's house and we had a party. I was dead tired, though, so sometimes I'd zone out and sometimes I'd start laughing hysterically at who-knows-what. We had dinner and fireworks (I got to light some! Woop!) and Tara did a few jumps on her dirt bike. I was trying to get a good picture of this but it was really too dark. It would have been cool if you could see her whole silhouette against the beautiful sunset, but oh well...
I am thankful for our independence, and hope it stays a while longer.

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