Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Trip to Florida

Mom, Hannah, and I just got back from Florida where we volunteered at The Gospel Coalition's Women's Conference. That is a mouthful! On our way down we passed this horrible accident. 
 We stopped off at St. Simon's Island so we could walk on the beach. It was a beautiful yet very hot day.

 I do not have many pictures of the conference. But one evening we had a terrible storm. The wind was fierce and it blew the rain in every direction. But after it all settled down, God sent His rainbow to remind us of His promises. As I was thinking about this, I suddenly had another thought: we should not only remember the "good" promises He made like He will never again send a flood over the whole earth, and He will protect us, and provide for everything we need. Those are good, and we should remember them. But we also need to be reminded that God will keep His promise to punish those who do not put their trust in Jesus Christ. This is a sobering thought. Makes me want to be more bold to share my faith.

I love this lady's hat!
 This auditorium sat 4,000 people and was almost full.
 Saturday was the Getty concert. Kristyn has a gorgeous voice.

Our volunteer shirts are very soft.
 There was an ice cream shop within walking distance from where we were staying. I convinced my traveling buddies to go with me. ;)
 On the way home we stopped at Jekyll Island.
 This is the Horton house.
 There was a random deer hanging out at this house...
Can you see him?
 Mom was the only one who wanted to swim. She grew up at the beach so I think she misses it sometimes. She had so much fun in there!
 It was soooo bright that I had to go under the stairs to get shade.

 The moss covered trees took my breath away!

I am too tired to write more.... Thankful to be home again!

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