Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Haiti 2014: Day 1

My second missions trip. And to think! God sent me to the country across from where I was last year! Going to Haiti has changed my life. I hope God sends me there again, and soon.
We woke up bright and early on Tuesday morning to head to the airport. One sweet woman in our group woke up early enough to get ready and make cookies!
My beautiful friend, Rose, is the one who invited me.
Pretending I'm wide awake.

We landed in Port-Au-Prince and finally found all of our very many bags. Then we got our first taste of Haitian driving. It was exhilarating! There are random goats everywhere. Each one is someone's livelihood.
Photo by Elisabeth

So many of the buildings have cartoons on them. Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Dora.

There are mountains all around, which is very different from where I was in Dominican Republic.
When we arrived at My Father's Guesthouse, we are welcomed warmly and served dinner. Everywhere we went we were welcomed warmly. It was so amazing! After dinner we enjoyed the upstairs balcony. It is beautiful and refreshing up there.
Dixie and Gloria

See all that luggage? And that's not even all of it!
The view off the balcony.

After relaxing for a while we got right back to work. Sorting through all the ministry items we had was not a small job! I'm so thankful we could bring so much the Haiti, though, and take so much less home.
Before we left we decided to make about one hundred twenty bags to give out at the ladies conference on Thursday and Friday. But of course we could not do this alone! So, we asked several ladies from several different places to help us. We thought it was a good way for people to bless the Haitians even if they could not go with us. And the women were so grateful and loved the bags. Thanks you Lord for servants that bless.
Tarnisha sorting bags

Photo by Elisabeth
We ended each day with devotions. A time to share, a time to remember, a time to relax. A good time.
Thus ends the first day. And it has been a week today since we got back.


  1. Wow. What a great trip for you to be involved with. I know the Haiti people must have loved seeing those smiling faces not to mention the gifts you brought. Also, as always, the photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Lance

  2. I finally looked at your awesome pictures and read what you wrote. It's so incredible that your had the opportunity to be a part of something like that. I am so glad that God blessed others through you on that trip and that you were also blessed by Him.


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