Monday, May 12, 2014

Haiti Missions Trip: 2014 Day 4

Day four was our second and final conference day. It went very smoothly and was not quite so hot.
I wish I could say my skin was that soft looking and beautiful, but Google touched it up for me against my wishes. Oh well!
We look a little tired....

There is a lot of Voodoo practice in Haiti. This graveyard has been broken into several times and bodies have been stolen for worship. The jewelry was not stolen. The body was. For worship.
This little girl took a long nap on Rose's lap during the conference. The poor thing started sweating profusely!

These guys were our musicians. They did a great job!

Ok. That is the most adorable baby ever. Look at those cheeks. And those eyes! Her mother is beautiful, too!
See all the ladies with the bags? Beautiful, kind women and children in the US who wanted to give to Haiti helped us make the bags to give out at the conference. The ladies absolutely loved them! We even ended up giving them to some guys, too, when we saw we has so many extra. A huge thank you to all who helped make them!

These are two of our main translators, Elijah and Ginnette.

School time! I think he was teaching math.

Nahomie. I wonder what her whole story is. She lives in the HUG orphanage so I assume she is an orphan or was abandoned by one or both of her parents. She has the most gorgeous smile that makes her whole face shine in feminine beauty. She is working so diligently to learn English and loved to practice on me. She is very out going and friendly, but I think deep down she is just looking for a friend that will always be there just for her. A best friend who will love her unconditionally.  As we were up on their roof gathered with everyone else, I asked her to show me how they make the cardboard beads, so she took me by the hand and brought me down to her room. “Sit” she told me, and I took a seat on her bed. Then she rummaged around until she found what she was looking for: a small wooden rod, several strips of long, narrow pieces of cardboard cut into triangles, and Elmer’s glue. Then she took a seat beside me on the bed and proceeded to make a cardboard bead. She wrapped the cardboard around the rod, starting with the larger end, until she reached the end of the strip. Then she dropped a bit of the Elmer’s glue on the bead and smoothed it around with her fingers. “There.” She held it up for me to see. “Wow!” I said. “Can I try?” And so I made a bead beside her as she watched. I was not as fast, and messed up a few times, but she encouraged me and didn't hinder me. She smiled as I set it beside hers. Soon, she got up and put everything away and we stated walking back to the roof, my arm around her waist, hers around mine. “You have a friend… uh, good, favorite friend?” “Best friend?” I clarified. “Yes! Do you have a best friend?” “I do.” I said and smiled. Her sigh was deep and I saw her pain. I went on, “But one does not have to have only one best friend! Do you want me to be your best friend?” Her smile was huge, real, beautiful. 

Some of the beads they had painted with nail polish.

Rose and I took out our braids that evening. Our hair was... Poofy! haha!


  1. Yes, we were hot, sweaty and tired by the second day! But it was worth it. The love for the Lord and the Joy these women had was refreshing.

  2. Oh and we should try to make those beads some time. Now you can show me!


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