Saturday, May 17, 2014

Haiti Trip 2014, Day 5

On Saturday we went to Pastor Timothy's Orphanage again. Baby Sarah got passed around quite a bit. She was adorable and made the cutest expressions!

Mom with her little friend.
This boy was painting the Church/School next door. He sure was doing a thorough job!
This is the church. Above it is the school.
The man on the bottom left part of this picture is Sarah's daddy. Sarah was not an orphan.
After that we went to the Baptist Mission in the mountains. I was amazed at how cool it was up there! It felt wonderful!

A restaurant was at the mission and we had a really great overlook at our seats. The food was amazing. We got pizza with lots of mozzarella cheese.

Pastor Maxeau and his "Mother."
I've never seen a cliff quite like this one. It look almost as if the mountain just fell away.
At the Baptist Mission there were several street vendors who were very happy to show us their things. They were selling all sorts of stuff! Paintings, bracelets, necklaces, carved stones, wooden boxes, metal art, machetes. Any and everything you can imagine. It is hard saying no to them. They really need the money. But  they put their prices very high. The whole experience was so cool though. I was going from shop to shop enjoying myself and the vendors knew I had money (not a lot but enough) and would talk and smile at them. I got myself a machete. Lydia is scared of it. It is as dull as a butter knife, though, and needs sharpening. When Rose saw it she commented on how she liked it and that was all the other vendors needed. "Oh! You like? Here! Here! I have one!" Haha! She did not want a machete!
After that we went still farther up the mountain to a beautiful overlook with a restaurant.
The lady who owned the lookout and restaurant got her style from New York. It definitely showed! She did a gorgeous job!

The flowers were so pretty.

A daring spot to be.


  1. This was a wonderful post with the photos giving highlights of your trip! I liked how you shared photos of nature's beauty as well as street scenes, people you met, and fellow team workers. It gave heart to your Haiti trip.

  2. This is a great post Priscilla. By the way how many shaker things did we buy all together? Yes that was quite an interesting and exciting experience. I am now more experienced and hope to get another opportunity to barter!


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