Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Haiti Trip, Day 6

Sunday we went to the Valley of Hope church. Elisabeth was sick that morning and was not able to go with us. She hated to miss it and of course we hated not having her with us. But she was able to get in the picture before we left!
On the way to church we witnessed our first collision in Haiti. A tap tap hit a truck fairly hard and people were piling out of the tap tap holding their shoulder or limping. But I think everybody was ok. They were still smiling. :)
We got to church a little late and they were already singing. Their worship is so joyful!
At one point during the service the pastor asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus. About 30 children came up. It was beautiful to see!
My sweet companion for the the day fell asleep on my lap. 
I wish I had gotten better pictures of some of the kids. This little girl's outfit was adorable!
After church we went to the nearby river. 
When hurricane Sandy hit the US, it also hit Haiti. This river used to be about half its size now.

When there is water running through it at all, people come to it to wash clothes or themselves.

A voodoo cross

After we were fed by the sweet women in the church, we went into Port-Au-Prince to see the damage that the earthquake did. It is amazing how much the people still suffer from its affects even four years later.
Each of those tents is a home.

After that some of dropped in on the HUG girls and took their pictures.They are such a beautiful group of girls!


  1. This looks like it must have been a wonderful trip, Prissy! Thank you for sharing!

  2. That pic of the little boy asleep is adorable!


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