Wednesday, November 5, 2014

California, Day 2

I woke up to a banging outside my window and found these guests lounging outside. We saw them almost every day after that. 
We rented a house for our stay in CA. This was our gorgeous yard. 
 You can see part of our driveway below. It was soooo steep!!

 Flowers in our yard...

 There are palm trees in CA!! I didn't know that before. :) Learn something new every day! They are huge. too!
We went to church with Josiah and Cindy and then we went out to eat at a Chinese place called the Mayflower. No, not a seafood place. Chinese. :) And since Cindy lives in CA, Sunday was the first time I ever met her in person! At the restaurant I got to meet her family. We became fast friends. They wanted us to get an authentic taste of Chinese, so they ordered chicken feet... Among other things. The chicken feet.. tasted.. kinda like... chicken feet... But I liked everything else, and loved using chopsticks, a thing I don't do very often at home.
 There we are!
 After saying goodbye for the day, we headed over to a park they suggested.

 So many houses.

I think these are persimmons, but Dad is skeptical. He is used to NC's tiny ones. What do you think?

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