Monday, November 17, 2014

In This a Passing Storm.

Rain beating on a sturdy roof
pouring down
sounding like a rushing river
in the sky
lightning bursting bright, sudden
flashing in the sky
thunder booming after flash
scaring me.
Wind whipping through the trees
parting black to see the light
gray, dimly lite, noisy
in the room.
Leaves stripped off trees
landing on the ground.
Gutters overflowing, water pouring
off the house.
Sudden seemed the lively storm,
but now
quiet. Calm
only slowly
dripping from the sky
leaf flutters down to earth
water slowly trickles off.
Black trees stark against a
gray sky,
soaked by passing storm.
it draws me in
this poetic trance
it makes me tremble
at the power
of this my great Redeemer.
He shows His wonder
He shows His might

in this a passing storm.

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