Tuesday, November 11, 2014

California, Day 9

Sunday we left early to head over to Cindy's to get last minute things done for the afternoon wedding. It is Chinese tradition for the parents of the bride and groom to bless the bride during a Tea Ceremony. A really neat tradition, I think, and very meaningful.
See all the photographers in the background? 

 Then we all headed over to the park! Hannah and I got there late and therefore missed the family pictures (but not the wedding, thankfully!) so everyone was teasing us that we were not longer in the family. I cried bitterly and tried to run away in grief, but there was too much to do and I loved my people who were not my family anymore too much to let them down even though they were being so mean to us. Haha! Just kidding! I knew they were teasing! There was a lot to do still, though, but finally the time came for the ceremony to begin. Josiah and Cindy were getting married.
 After Cindy's Dad handed her over to Josiah, they stepped into a ring of roses.

 I don't really know how to describe the emotions that were going through me as my brother got married, nor do I really care to tell. Maybe some of you have already been there and know what I mean, or maybe you will be there in the future. But it was one of the most amazing weddings I've ever been to. And guess who was at the center of it? No, not Cindy. Nope, not Josiah. Jesus. That was the best part. :)
The wedding party. All except for David, :( He was farther to the right than my camera would go... :P
 It's official!

 This is my family.
Left to right: me, Mom, Dad, Gabe, Lydia, Jesse, John, Hannah, Josiah, Cindy, Elisabeth, and Bethany

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  1. This was the best wedding I have been to besides my own! Josiah and Cindy's wedding was beautiful in every way and Christ honoring and God glorifying! I love them both so much and I am so thankful to the Lord for putting these two special people together.


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