Sunday, November 9, 2014

California, Day 5

Wednesday was Mom's Birthday. Cindy's family invited us to have dinner with them, so we didn't want to go too far. It was a relaxing day. We caught up on some much needed sleep (am I still catching up? ;) ) We took a walk in the afternoon and then at some point headed over to the Chinese restaurant they had picked out. 
 It was delicious!
 They chicken brains are a delicacy, apparently, but they were too dry this time, or so my Sis tells me. I kinda wish I had tried it, though... :P
 They surprised Mom for her birthday by buying her a cake! It was soo good!

I love you, Mom!


  1. Thank you Priscilla! It was a great birthday and the surprise cake was not only beautiful but delicious!


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