Tuesday, November 11, 2014

California, Day 8

Saturday morning a huge cat came by just to make me sad and miss my little Quilla. Haha! I know that wasn't really it's intent. But it was so friendly and cuddly!
 When we got to the park for the rehearsal, I was amazed at how tall the relatively young redwoods were. It was a dazzling place to have a wedding.
 I didn't take many pictures at the rehearsal and those I did take were mostly blurry. But at one point we saw a fox or wolf or something. Different people had different ideas at to what it actually was. :) It was soo cool though!
On our way home the sun was at just the right place so that the hills and buildings were silhouetted against the sky....
See the kite skier?

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  1. Actually I think it was a small but friendly mountain lion that came to visit us.


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