Thursday, November 6, 2014

California, Day 3

Monday we spent in San Francisco. And Y'all are just gonna have to deal with the annoying splotches on some of the pictures.... They bug me. 
I've never been to a city with so many suburbs! And yet there are places in this huge city that feel like the country! I love the country. I love people. (there are a lot of them in San Fran...) But I love the quiet country too.
So many hills!!
There is a block on Lombard St. that has eight curves!
A man in a condo window.
There were two places that I desperately wanted to go to while in CA: Yosemite and Alcatraz. I went to Yosemite (see my next post... when I get a chance to post it...) but I never got to go to Alcatraz... But I did get to see it! Next time, right?

Ok y'all. This kid was the cutest. I could have taken him home. Though he was pretty attached to his Dad. Hmm. He might wouldn't have liked that too much... But isn't he adorable?!
I toured San Fran. in my Dallas shirt. :)

 The only problem with leaning against the bridge was that the points on top kinda hurt my arm.... ;)
 So, I have not only been across the Golden Gate Bridge, but also under it! That was one of the scariest things I did the whole trip! Not even crossing a waterfall was as scary! There was some kind of metal thing that the cars above were crossing over and it was SOOOOOO loud that even though I knew it wasn't going to, I felt like the bridge was gonna collapse! But it didn't. or else I'd probably be dead. And I wouldn't be writing this.
After touring San Fran, we went across the mountains to visit the beach. So beautiful, though hard to enjoy when I had a headache and the sun was sooo bright!

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